omg the black girl in the background is like “OMG DAT BITCH BE ZAYN GURL. THAT BE ZAYN OMGGGGGGG”

while zayn is just like “bitches love me.” 

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stole my heart on piano! it’s so beautiful (:


god bless this post

it’s weird how accurate i feel this is.. /dying 

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bwahaha zayn i love you more than i’d like to admit <3

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come find me on omegle bitches

i have nothing better to do and yes i will seriously fuck with your mind because i am a fucking spaz. <3 

He’d be the fucking sexiest teacher I’d ever seen.

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“I want a girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful so I have an excuse to let her know all the time”

Zayn you fucking god <3

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Glasses <3

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Aww zayn you’re so zany 

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