everyone just shut up and look at this

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What i love most about Harry -› his Back + Legs

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apparently he shaved his head for cancer omfg

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Laugh & Be Weird: My reaction to Louis tweets today...


1) when i first saw the tweets i just sat there in awe:

2) Then anger built inside me and i got super angry at this fucker:

3) Then thinking about how Harry feels right now i flipped even more:

4) Then i started to calm down and get over it:

5) But then i see new tweets about…

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me in school:

me on tumblr:

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Until he apologises for today he won’t be seen in my room.

If I could talk to Louis

If I could talk to Louis about what he said today I would have to say that I am torn at the moment.
His tweets were meant to defend himself and what he felt was wrong. But no, looking at it from a gay man’s perspective, I have so many issues.

First of all, Larry is based off of an ideal love between 2 men. Because these 2 men are real people, it becomes much more personal knowing that they have actual feelings. Regardless of it being fake or not, I personally don’t understand why it should be something that he is denying in such a negative way.

Secondly, I can agree with people that he had a right to feel angry towards the disrespect he and those around him got and continue to get. I can sympathize on that matter. However, singling out people is never okay. Those girls will have to live with something he could have simply chosen to address privately. Not only that, but he should have been the better person. Hasn’t anyone taught him not to stoop to somebody’s level?

This brings me to the point that Louis was wrong in what he did, largely. It was selfish of him to jeopardize the whole band’s reputation by his outburst. Everyone is entitled to a bad day, their opinion, and their decision to defend themselves. But doing so in front of millions of people isn’t something done with blind anger. He has known about the whole situation and has never formally said that he would like people to stop supporting Larry. Maybe to stop hate, but never that Larry bothered him.
Maybe I am wrong but I feel offended, and I’m sure others do too.

What’s done is done though, he can’t change what he said. All that we can do now is see what happens next.
Tell me what you think?

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Me watching an entire fandom losing it.



pretty much.

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A girl tweeted Lou’s mum saying, 

 shut the fuck up with your lovely bullshit you’re the biggest fuck up stay the fuck out of this

He dm’d her this

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I could see how Louis could be sick of people wrongly accusing him of being what he is or isn’t, and even the disrespect towards his family or Elenour, but in my opinion, him “standing up” for himself doesn’t seem right. If it did I wouldn’t disagree with it so much. And in that sense I don’t think it’s right that Louis singled out some people. Simply, if he had a problem, he could have contacted them. I agree that he should have the freedom to boil over but it’s so irrational. If ‘Larry’ wasn’t true, then so be it. Obviously he tried to put down rumors but in the end he came off as harsh and unprofessional. Think of all the little unimportant things like younger fans reading those tweets. Him lashing out actually affects the whole band’s image.
On another note, I can’t help but think of Harry. If it were me I would be hurt by Louis’s blatant disregard for what Larry “truly” means to us. It has been shipped generally for the idea that a “bromance” can exist and be beautiful. Yet he thinks that we as a whole aren’t “true” fans simply because of a few people who insist on taking things too far. And that is beyond uncalled for, and at the same time hypocritical. He’s defending himself against accusations? Think of all the accusations we go through as well as shippers. I would say that I am angry at him, but I know what he must be feeling. Idk. Next time, I would have to say think before you act. Sorry if all of you disagree.


that was a dickhead move from louis tweeting someones twitter, shes just going to be bombarded with hate omfg

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